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All the data you submit to us is secured by both digital and physical means. All data that contains payment details is securely encrypted by SSL protocols.

We accept PayPal and major credit cards.
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No, unfortunately we do not ship the U.S.A., Canada or Israel.

With 5 minutes of normal daily use (Program 2), the cartridge will normally last for a maximum of 12 months.

Yes, there are no restrictions or contraindictions with other treatments, as long as your condition is compatible with the “When should I not use Hairegen” section

Soon we will launch our permanent website, where you will find more information about Hairegen. Until then, contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to assist you.

Hairegen is sold with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We provide you with the warranty and direct support through our website.

The Hairegen PC application runs diagnostics and may fix problems remotely without the need to send it to us for repair.

Under the warranty, in the unlikely event that Hairegen needs to be sent to us for repairs,  we will handle any courier charges. However, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information regarding our guarantee.

Once major re-growth potential has been achieved, you may reduce the treatment frequency to 3-4 times a week.

Stopping Hairegen treatment for short periods (up to a few weeks) will not affect the outcome. When stopping the treatment for several weeks the improvement process will gradually stop.  Stopping the treatment for longer periods may result in the resumption of hair loss.

The device turns itself off automatically at the end of treatment session

A single daily use of 5 minutes for users with short hair and 8 minutes for those with longer hair will bring a significant improvement within several months. Treating 2-3 times a day, once you get used to the treatment, may produce faster and better results.

Please consult a doctor before using Hairegen if you suffer from any medical condition related to the skin, or if you have special sensitivities.

Currently there are 2 types of Hairegen cartridges available:

– Cartridge for thin, dense or short hair (shorter than 8 cm) – known as the 8 disks cartridge.

– Cartridge for thick or long hair (longer than 8 cm) – known as the 4 disks cartridge.

Based on these 2 cartridges, we offer  single cartridge and two cartridge Hairegen kits:

– For standard users – a single cartridge kit. (Most popular).

– For couples sharing Hairegen – a two cartridge kit normally containing one cartridge from each type.

– For heavy users – a two cartridge kit

As each person is unique, the regeneration potential is different from one user to another. In most cases, the expected result is at least 30% improvement within four months (the improvement is measured by a combination of two parameters: new hair grown and thickening of existing hair)

No. However, since the device physically stimulates the scalp, there is a tingling sensation that passes after use. Please note that tingling is a normal sensation when vigorous mechanical stimulation is applied to the scalp and indicates a useful treatment.

In exceptional cases, there may be over stimulation of the scalp (usually due to overuse or due to applying too much pressure on the scalp during treatment). This may cause sensitivity or local pain. In these cases, it is recommended to stop the treatment for a few days, and then continue in a gentler manner

In cases where hair-loss has reached an advanced stage (class 5 or higher on the ‘Norwood Hamilton’ scale), the results might not be satisfactory. When suffering from a medical problem that induces hair loss (such as a thyroid problem, hormonal imbalance, severe anemia or other scalp chronic conditions) the results may be negligible.

You should not use Hairegen if you have a history of contact allergies, are pregnant, have scars, moles, wounds or other lesions on the treated scalp areas, are suffering from scalp disorders, such as eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis, psoriasis, actinic (solar) keratosis, acne, rosacea, infections, any other inflammatory scalp conditions or other chronic scalp conditions, or if treated now or within the past 6 months with Retinoids.