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Professor Ingman develops the theoretical basis for a solution for baldness and establishes [...]


Based on the principles in his theory, Professor Ingman and his team built [...]


After long testing and evaluation period, all 3 solutions had good results and [...]


A second prototype named Pilox was lunched for larger field test, the Pilox [...]


A third prototype, which includes a computerized control system, is tested by dozens [...]


Pilogics develops the fourth, now wireless prototype. The new model includes a logging [...]


Following the success of the field test, Pilogics started to commercialize the technology [...]

February 2015

Development of the commercial model ended and it is named Hairegen.

May 2015

Hairegen passes standards certification testing and marketing of the Hairegen Classic model begins [...]

January 2016

Development of the international Hairegen model reaches completion. The new model includes LLLT [...]