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About The Company – History

The Pilogics startup company under the direction of Professor Dov Ingman is the driving force behind the research and development for the Hairegen technology.

Professor Ingman is a very well regarded lecturer in nuclear physics at the Haifa Technion. His unusual and exceptional creativity has led to the development of a number of patents based on his non-conventional vision and his physicist’s perspective on solving day to day problems.

Professor Ingman suffered from hereditary baldness for many years. Until 2007, he tried to deal with his baldness using conventional methods, including medications. When existing methods had failed to provide any solution, Professor Ingman began developing new technologies for the treatment of baldness and in 2009; he realized that the device based on his newly developed technology was the critical pathway to achieving results. He presented his ideas for the development of the technologically advanced product, which could revitalize atrophied hair follicles and restore their full functionality. Naturally, he became the first to test the device under development.

As the months passed, to the astonishment of his family and friends, the technology proposed by Professor Ingman proved itself and new hair began growing on his head; despite his age and his many years of baldness, previously defined by the doctors as a lost cause.

The surprising results persuaded investors and many potential users to take an interest in the product and its development.

The second prototype of the commercial product was distributed in 2010 to dozens of men and women suffering from thinning hair, rapid hair loss and baldness. The results were soon in. New hair had begun to grow in thinly populated areas; hair thickness and growth rate went up and the scalp became thicker and more flexible. Hair growth was seen in bald areas and users reported significant, consistent improvements as they continued using the device.

In view of that success, Pilogics developed the technology further and monitored its beneficial effects on hundreds of additional users. Finally, development of the commercial product for home use was complete in the form known today as: Hairegen.

Time line


Professor Ingman develops the theoretical basis for a solution for baldness and establishes Pilogics to develop the practical technology based on that theory.


tl_2008Based on the principles in his theory, Professor Ingman and his team built prototypes for 3 types of treatment options: Multi-stimulation device, micro – burn device and Nano technology Cosmetic composition with micro-capsules.


After long testing and evaluation period, all 3 solutions had good results and the Multi stimulation device has shown the best results and was chosen to be farther developed.


tl_2011A second prototype named Pilox was lunched for larger field test, the Pilox includes 3 treatment mechanisms (Biochemical, electrical and mechanical) operating simultaneously


A third prototype, which includes a computerized control system, is tested by dozens of users.


tl_2013Pilogics develops the fourth, now wireless prototype. The new model includes a logging system. Pilogics used this advanced model for a large and final field test, the test includes hundreds of users both male and female.


Following the success of the field test, Pilogics started to commercialize the technology to a home use, self treatment device

February 2015

tl_02-2015Development of the commercial model ended and it is named Hairegen.

May 2015

Hairegen passes standards certification testing and marketing of the Hairegen Classic model begins in Israel.

January 2016

Development of the international Hairegen model reaches completion. The new model includes LLLT as the fourth treatment mechanism.

March 2016

tl_03-2016Pilogics launches the Hairegen “personal trainer” interface as PC software for beta testing.

May 2016

International launch of the official web center of Hairegen: